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*Frequently asked Questions




What is VocaBOOM?
A competitive "game based" programme, where teams will be playing the VocaBOOM games, with the aim of improving your child's quality of English by introducing him/her to better words to express him/herself and learn how to spell the words too.

How does VocaBOOM work?
Each class will have the VocaBOOM games played and a running team score board. Each child will be asked to spell words as an individual and part of a team. She/he will also play "sentence formation" rounds, and "story formation" rounds. There will be "VocaBOOM VocaATTACK-DEFENCE" rounds also where the children will contribute themselves to their rapidly increasing vocabulary. We are constantly innovating and adding new games and activities. This is a dynamic programme which uses new tools, with the sole objective of improving your child's written and spoken English.

How do we ensure Follow-Up?
We provide a session-wise wordlist to the parents for usage with their child during the week. Note, we said 'usage' not learning/mugging. We have surprise RECAP quizzes and the children have to be ready for them at all times. The children must carry their cumulative wordlists to class in every session.

What is the class and course duration?
There will be one class per week of One-hour-fifteen-minutes duration (depending upon the child's age).  At the end of the year, the child automatically graduates to the next level, which will coincide with the beginning of the next academic year. A child can join at any time during the first trimester.

What are the levels offered?
There will be four batches offered based on the age and level of your child.

Pre-Basic         - Jr. & Sr. Kg.
Basic               - 1st and 2nd stds.
Elementary      -  3rd & 4th stds.
Intermediate   -  5th & 6th stds.

What happens after the child finishes his first year?
He will automatically move into the second year of the same batch (if he is a  Jr Kg./1st/3rd/5th standard student), which has a new syllabus. He moves into the next batch if he is in the Sr. Kg./2nd/4th standard.

When does this course end?
The child can continue up to the 7th standard as the course is presently being offered to students from the age of 4 to 12 only.

Whom should I contact?
All queries may be addressed to Preeti Gupta, at For registration, look at our 'Locations'  page.

*Conditions apply. Subject to change without prior notice.

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