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The VocaBOOM Game

Our Methodology

Teaching using a fun, interesting and playful method is the belief here at VocaBOOM! Basically, there are a series of games that we use (and constantly innovate), that help a child improve his/her vocabulary. We start with the VocaATTACK-DEFENCE
Game. Games used are all verbal and dynamic, encouraging word recall and multi-situational application. We are constantly thinking of new ways to teach the child application and usage. We have rapid-fire spelling rounds to make 'spelling' a challenging task, instead of a 'demoniac' one, as it is, for most children today!

We don't really believe in homework, but we do ask the children to come to class with a few new words each time. The idea behind the VocaATTACK-DEFENCE Game is to make children look up new words by themselves, so as to install a feeling of curiosity and satisfaction in having completed the entire task him/herself. The more they learn to search for answers independently, the higher their learning curve. The children always surprise us too, as they bring two rather unknown words to class, as the more exotic the words, the easier it is for them to win.

We consolidate words taught through a VocaBEAMER-In-curriculum Contest, A VocaWORD-FAIR and a VocaPERFORMANCE Culminating Activity. A combination of some of these activities give children a special occasion to work towards and showcase the Programme style and creativity before parents.