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About Us

Have you ever wanted an easy way to extend your child's vocabulary?  Does your child think that the only way to learn is by 'mugging'? Maybe its time you signed your child up for VocaBOOM!

VocaBOOM is a programme, conceived by Preeti Gupta, and the structure is simple. There are a series of vocabulary building games that help increase a child's vocabulary, through simple and easy steps. There will be no added pressure on your child, as the idea of the programme is to get through to children, through a laid back, exciting method, something the child can himself/herself relate to. At VocaBOOM, we not only help escalate your child's vocabulary and writing skills, but also to assist him/her in making some new friends and build his self-confidence. Once your child attends one session, he/she is addicted for life!

VocaBOOM promises an increase in your child's vocabulary through a method proven very useful in over a dozen countries. Following our basic principle of 'Consistent Quality', VocaBOOM promises results, packed into an interesting session of fun and learning.

Why is VocaBOOM a cut above the rest?

  • Firstly, our passion to produce results and keep your children (and ourselves!) on our toes. This is a high-energy programme just the way kids love it!
  • Secondly, our methodology enables us to strike a chord with your child in the first session itself. It is our ability to establish and sustain this connection, that helps us rapidly build on their knowledge base through vocabulary.
  • Thirdly, our programme-design is based on practical usage of words - every game is application-based and we involve the parents throughout the process of growth.
VocaBOOM was one of the six worldwide programmes to receive an ELT International Innovation Awards nomination by The British Council, Manchester in 2008.

Our innovative approach to learning is professional, researched and constantly upgraded. We are leaders in our area of speciality, simply because we understand your child.

So what are you waiting for? Why not get your child VocaBOOMed today?

Other programmes offered by VocaBOOM (For details, click on VocaNEWS above)
  • VocaBLOOM :(Launched in May 2014)
    An 8-session Personality and Etiquette programme for children from grades 2-7
    A 16-session writing programme for children aged 10-13.
  • VocaFLUENT :
    A practical English conversation and grammar skills programme, for adults who can understand English, however do not use it in conversation. Three levels of 3-month (48 sessions) duration each.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Name : Preeti Gupta

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