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All we can say about the class - It was fun! Learning with no holds barred - in a relaxed atmosphere. The kids were always eager to go and looking forward to the class. The topics given to them were very innovative, challenging their imagination. About the way the class was conducted - separating them into teams got out the best in them. The teachers were always patient, giving them uninterrupted hearing - something we parents are unable to provide easily. I cannot end this without a huge THANK-YOU! Parent of Siddhant & Vedant, Elementary and Intermediate Summer Camp 2008.

I chose VocaBOOM over other programs because the curriculum was extensive and the way it was taught to the children was very interesting. My child was taught in a play-way method, because of which, he understood the meaning of every word taught. And now he uses them in his day-to-day routine. That is the difference I wanted to see! - Mrs. Sangeetha Anand, Whitefield, Bangalore (2013-14)

The best thing I liked about VocaBOOM is the way that they approach vocabulary. They make things interesting for the child. The events that they organise from time to time encourages the child to do better and improve his vocabulary, his presentation and creative skills. That is an overall development in the child. - Mr. Gautam Awasthi, Whitefield, Bangalore (2013-14)

I don't mind sending my child after a long day at school and after attending other classes, as she is not going to be exhausted at VocaBOOM; instead she will be refreshed after the session! - Kanchi Patel, Vadodara (2013-14)

Myra is very upset if for some unavoidable reason, she has to miss VocaBOOM - Minal, Vadodara (2013-14)

Thanks to VocaBOOM, my son is now able to express himself in a better way and has also started winning JAM sessions at school as now he can think on his feel because of VocaBOOM - Sonal Shenai, Vadodara (2013-14)

Noticing a lot of difference. In fact, they try to use 2-3 new words in written essays. VocaBOOM helps them academically and they try to incorporate the words taught to them. It is an excellent way to improve their English language. - Parent of Ishwar and Eshan Sarda, Nagpur (2013-14)

She loves to come to VocaBOOM . She really enjoys herself. I am contented. She has become quite good. - Parent of Kavya Jeswani, Nagpur (2013-14)

Truly our kids are enjoying a lot at VocaBOOM ... They love the method of teaching and they don't want to miss Monday for any reason !!!!! Thanks for encouraging them !!! All the best! - Khyati Bhatt, Ahmedabad (2013-14)

Surprisingly Jayam and his friends are always exited to go to VocaBOOM classes as normally kids don't like classes. Thanks - Atithi Shah, Ahmedabad (2013-14)

The beauty at your place is the FUN component involved in learning, because of which Jayvant has enrolled for 3rd consecutive year. Wish I could recollect some Vocaword to say 'Thank you' beautifully!! - Divya Chandel, Ahmedabad (2013-14)

My son Vansh joined VocaBOOM from the 7th session, but I saw dramatic improvement in him. He improved his vocabulary, imagination, reading and writing abilities. He is able to construct stories and give impressive titles to them. I really like VocaBOOM! - Mrs. Bagadiya, Aurangabad (2013-14)

She loves the class and shares the words and phrases at home. She immediately points out words and phrases when heard in our conversation/on TV, etc. She is often complimented by her class-teacher for her vocabulary. Excellent, innovative product and great out-of-the-box thinking! - Parent of Misha Karnik, Vashi, Navi Mumbai (2013-14)